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I have a client who has open Sales enquiries. I have opened the associated Open Sales Orders by Customers Report. On this report we need to be able to see the description as it appears on the Sales Order Invoice, but it won't bring this description through, any suggestions as to what I can do ??? Apart from copying and pasting into the Memo box on the bottom left hand side ??


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    Hi Melinda,

    Thanks for asking.

    On the Open Sales Order by Customers Report the Item Description column does not populate any information, and the Description column shows only the Memo field contents.  

    As a Sales Order is not a standard transaction, there are no other reports you can try to get this information.

    I'll shift this post to the Ideas section to bring it to the attention of our developers who'll take it into consideration during their normal cycle of product review.

    I'm sorry I can't be of further help on this occasion.


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    Hi John

    Thanks for the reply. A bit disappointed that it won't populate the report with the information I need.
    When passing on the the development team, can you also add the "quantity" field as well.

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