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SINCE UPGRADE TO  2016 now cannot directly email reports in excel from Reckon 2016.

Previously would:


trying to email 


screen automatically  reverts to a P&L.
And not even in the same date range as my report.

I don't want a P&L ......I want a report on an item.


can only send correct report by pdf.

........or export and download.

Please advise/address?


  • Kyla JKyla J Member Posts: 6
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    This just started happening to me, I'm trying to email an Item by Summary report as an excel document, instead my Reckon freezes until it generates a "Budget vs. Actual by Donors / Grants" report. Have tried restarting. Does anyone know how to fix?
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    This has been happening to me as well. Very inconsistently though - I never know if it will let me email the report as normal, or whether it will open up some other random report. It's quite odd, so much so I have been reluctant to report it, as I wasn't sure I could explain it properly! It happened again today - it seems as if, once it happens, it will keep happening for that report for a while day, but later, the same report can be emailed just fine.  
  • WendyWendy Member Posts: 39

    This happens to me as well, exactly as outlined by the first person. I open a report, select to email the excel version and instead it opens another report. For me it is random, it affects different reports each time, sometimes it won't happen for a while, then it happens a lot. I have tried closing everything in AH back to the home page, but that doesn't fix it. The only fix is to actually File, Close and then log back on. Very frustrating.

  • WendyWendy Member Posts: 39

    This happened to me again today. I decided I will try to remember to make a note here whenever it happens, so as to track frequency more accurately. Todays report: Payroll Totals report, however then tried other reports, same thing happened. Tried File Close, logged back on & then received error "microsoft excel could not be opened ... ". Tried closing all open excel sessions. Tried again, still get error. Closed AH and re-launched. Worked this time.

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