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I am currently trialling reckon one for my business. When processing a payrun, Reckon One is telling me pay run is paid. But by processing the payrun ive created a payroll liability rather than a credit to Bank.
When selecting an employee under contacts, and selecting employment tab, I see theres a section for entering payments to employees. Is this the final step of the payroll process to release the payroll liability to bank?
I've tried to test this but I'm getting error messages when trying to enter payments for employees, eg, Please enter a balance oweing account, and Bank name not a valid entry (even though I'm selecting to pay by cash).

Please help!


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    Hi Jay,

    Welcome to the Reckon Community.

    That's right, for the time being completing the payrun does not create a bank account entry.  Go to Make Payment and for the Payable Type, select Payroll Payable and make the payment to each employee.  There is a video on the process here.

    Reckon One and its Payroll are evolving and more functions, features and enhancements are being added each month.

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    I am new to Reckon One. I get as far as these steps (Make Payment-Payable Type-Payroll Payable). However, after selecting the employee, all of their outstanding entries are not populating at the bottom of the screen. Therefore I have nothing to select in order to process the payment. Please advise.