Download quotes - Portfolio prices not updating

AndrewAndrew Member Posts: 2
Reckon Accounts Personal Plus 2016, click download quotes.  The overall value of the portfolio updates correctly in the Accounts sidebar.  The price history also shows the latest date/price. 

However the main screen doesn't update with the current day prices.  The screen refresh (which used to be incredibly slow) that allows the prices to update hasn't worked for a while (that I can recall).

The only way to update the prices is to exit the program and open it again.


  • stst Member Posts: 121
    edited June 2018
    If you search this forum there are a few recent threads in relation to this but the upshot is that Reckon are providing an updated file that I'm told fixes this issue.

    It's not a traditional upgrade process, it's along the lines of, delete this file and replace with this one , within the guts of the Reckon installation folder, wherever that resides on your computer.
  • AndrewAndrew Member Posts: 2
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    Thanks for the tip about the file update Steven.  My initial search didn't find my problem but now I'll see how I go with the updated qwutil.dll found in

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