2 licences, bypasses individual log in screen, boots other user off

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I have 2 licences for hosted. I use one and another employee uses the other. I log in, me using my user id ending in 2, using my unique password. I get in no problem. My employee tries to log in, she uses her user id ending in a 1 and her unique password.She bypasses automatically the admin log in screen, reckon boots me off and logs her in under MY id! Works the other way around. We cannot use reckon hosted together. Have rung help with this issue before, but they dont believe me......!


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    Okay have you set up two users within the file? Admin is the default. You might setbup a new user called Accounts or Payroll. You can then determine what permissions that user should have. Call me if this is unclear Kevin 0407744914
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