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This has been a contentious issue it appears but I have not really been able to find an up to date response.

Is there any way that Accounts Hosted customers are able to extract email send confirmations?

We now have had several occasions where clients / employees have complained that they have not received their documentation and without any proof of sending the documentation, it is a bit hard to push back on them.

I understand that we can CC ourselves but that cannot be the only solution. What about when the email address they provided is invalid? How would we be able to see that from CC'ing ourselves?

Contacting clients constantly to ensure that they have received the invoice is also time consuming and I do not think it should be the get out of jail solution.

Any thoughts or updates?


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    Hi Andrew,

    thank you.

    Concerning that, from what I can gather on the forum, this 'coming' is already at least 2 years old.

    It sounds like I will be implementing the same 'solution' until further notice.
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    There is a log in hosted for emails that have been sent.

    Click the Download Files button

    Goto Q:\Log folder

    In the folder there is a log for emails that have been sent.

    QBMailClient_xxxxxxxx.log  where xxxxxxxx will be the date email sent.


    1:35:29 PM sending...
    mail.From = [email protected]
    mail.To = [email protected]
    mail.CC = 
    mail.Bcc = 
    mail.Subject = Remittance advice from My Company
    mail.ReplyTo = [email protected]
    mail.Send = AWS SendRawEmail .....
    mail.ReturnPath = [email protected]
    mail.MessageId = 0100026a68d2d57b-29e90504-bc03-4444-ba35-e19bc3a46025-000000

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    On the point of Attaching invoice numbers on email, Cosmic mobile invoice is already handling this issue .Cosmic Invoice is Free to use .This offer is will be offered for a while .
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    Out of curiosity Andrew, have you ever had instances where those emails that you are sending to yourself, haven't arrived?  John L G
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    I have recently been using reckon accounts hosted 2017 and have had no end of problems with emails saying they have been sent and not getting delivered at the other end. This issue could be a deal breaker for some businesses or customers. They say they are sent by the program but i have cc'd myself into them when i send invoices and statements and i find that only i only get between 25 to 33 percent of them coming through so i have to assume that the customers are not receiving them either. At times i have re-sent numerous times and i only get one confirmation that it has been sent but then the customer complains they have received it three times.
    Surely there must be a solution for this, it is 2018 and it seems it has been an issue for a number of years!
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    Alas F1Aussie, the woes continue, as you have found out and there has, to my understanding, not yet been any indication from Reckon that this close to a satisfactory resolution.  However, all is not lost.  I suggest you get in touch with Chandra of Cosmic Innovations (see his post above) who has a solution which should be able to do everything that you want.
    John L G
  • F1AussieF1Aussie Member Posts: 2
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    Hi John, thanks for the reply.  i will look into your suggestion above.
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