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New Reckon Hosted App!!!
Hi guys im new to the community but i have to get this out there!!!! I have bee looking to go mobile with reckon hosted for a while as i do alot of out of the office stuff. I have come across this fellow named Chandra from COSMIC INNOVATIONS he has developed an app for this purpose and has bent over backwards to help me getting it up and running with all my info transfered across.He must be like a possum as he works through the night to transfer it all so there is no disruption to any of my day to day stuff. 
will be putting it through its paces over the coming weeks so will keep you posted but for now its a life saver as i can now invoice on the spot with it all linked back to the office.
cheers Paul 
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  • cosmic
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    Thank you Paul and Kevin
    SOON we are getting new feature :OFFLINE MOBILE INVOICING  COMING!!!!!!
    On the testing board.
    This will allow a user to be able to do Mobile invoicing in remote sites which has  NO Internet connections.  No need to rely on the net to be online.

    We  need more users to use the app , it FREE to use , cant get any cheaper than this!!!!

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    I agree and we look forward to Chandra's success in designing AP's for Apple based smartphones
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    Hi John, Yes, iOS , we had scheduled to release this month , right now , but the DEV is a never ending story , we are about to release the most latest technology Cosmic Inv app, with lots high tech features this will replace what we have now.
    We  will need 1 more month so this will be late MARCH .
    Please spread the words around , for current free offer , and this is not easy  financially
    as well, get colleagues to grab a ANDROID , till i can get iOS done.
    Thank you for you support ,

  • David Cunningham
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    We agree Paul, Chandra has been fantastic getting us up and running with mobile invoicing app. We are very excited, invoicing only takes a couple of seconds! Chandra has managed our large customer base with ease and, yes, we agree, Chandra is a machine! Dave & Jill DJ Wastewater, Townsville