Payroll Premier 2016/17 printing issue

Dianne Metcalfe
Dianne Metcalfe Member Posts: 13
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Unable to print anything at all from Payroll Premier.  Can generate reports on the screen, but absolutely nothing happens when I hit the print button - or from file - print.  Also cannot save as a PDF. This is an ongoing issue.  The person who installed the program can't fix it - nor can our IT company.  No error codes appear.  At a complete loss.


  • Rav
    Rav Administrator, Reckon Staff Posts: 15,207 Community Manager Community Manager
    edited March 2017
    Hi Dianne,

    Sorry to hear you're having a hard time there!
    You've mentioned it's been an ongoing problem, when did it first start? Have you had any success with printing at all since then?

    Out of curiosity, how long is your file name? Are you able to shorten it to something less than 8 characters and see if that makes any change?

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  • Dianne Metcalfe
    Dianne Metcalfe Member Posts: 13
    edited March 2017

    Thank you for the reply.

    I've never been able to print since the program was installed on my computer a month ago.  I'm using the sample  Quick Computing Solutions file, as I'm a new user.  Shortening the file name didn't help.

  • John G
    John G Reckon Staff Posts: 1,570 Reckon Staff
    edited March 2017
    Thanks Dianne,

    Are you able to print to another printer? In File > Printer Setup, change to Microsoft XPS document Writer.  Does it create the file? Change it back to your preferred printer.  Does it print?

    If you still have a problem please call our Technical support line for further assistance.