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I am using ReckonAccounts Plus 2013.
Every time I go to enter a customer payment it keeps coming up with an error code 1365820209.

Says Unrecoverable Error:

ReckonAccounts has experienced a problem and must be shut down. We apologize for the inconvenience.


Even when I restart the accounting program it shuts down again with the same error.


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    Hi Hannah,

    An unrecoverable error message usually points to a corruption in the file.

    The first step I'd recommend is to rebuild and verify your file. Check out info on the process here -
    How to Verify Data and Rebuild Data for a company data file in Accounts Business (Desktop)

    Follow up on any of the errors that you're advised in the verification process and correct them.

    Let me know how you get on

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    First, let's eliminate whether you have some problem with:
    - the program
    - the system
    - or just the company DATA file.

    Try starting the program only,  without selecting a company DATA file, and then try openjing the SAMPLE COMPANY to prove that the program is working okay.

    If that's okay, then check that you have backups of your QBW (data file),  which are called QBB files.   But mainly,  be sure to put a safe copy of your QBW main file somewhere else, in say a spare FOLDER and even better, onto an external backup disk/storage USB stick or the like.

    Then if the matter starts looking like the DATA file,  try putting yet ANOTHER copy of the data file (the QBW file) into a TEST FOLDER (make a folder called: "TESTING_RECKON"  or something really obvious like that, and put a copy of the QBW file into that foler (don't move it!!! - copy it as a play-around copy of the file).

    Then try opening that TEST COPY of the QBW file and see if you get the same error.

    If you've done all this and are still getting an error,  but are capable of playing with the SAMPLE COMPANY file,  then the focus will be on your live QBW file.

    Let us know the operating system  (ie: Windows 7 Professsional SP1  64-bit),  and ensure you have plenty of fee disk space on drive C: as well as whatever drive your QBW file is on (if not C:).

    Armed with a few of these clues, you might be able to see where this error code is coming from.

    Always consider the additional information that is useful to include when asking questions like this.  See:


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