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When we go to print we get the following warning: " The file you specified cannot be opened. Make sure that it is not currently being used by another program or a read only file.

The Windows error was "That file exists.'.

We are using Reckon Account Premier: Non-profit Edition 2016


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    Without a screen shot, or more information about which PRINTER you are trying to print to, and more important, what OPTIONS or other selections you've chosen, I've got little to go on, other than to make the following observation if it helps you......

    Sounds like there is a 'tick box' on the print menu 'options' or initial page just before you finally click the ultimate 'PRINT IT" like box,   that has selected an option of PRINT TO FILE,  and that file is presently in existence and/or being viewed/edited from a previous attempt of the same thing, and therefore WINDOWS is complaining/warning you that it is unable to go and overwrite/create yet another print FILE.   Try selecting a different printer output option, like say, print to a PDF Creator (like) program output.

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    Morning Andy,

    This KB article might be helpful in addressing the error you're experiencing -

    Warning: The file you specified cannot be opened. The Windows error is: The file exists.
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