Why does our softward ID keep changing

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Our software ID has changed again, this is the third time it has changed without any notification.  When I have gone in to lodge the BAS via Reckon GovConnect I get the message that the software ID does not match.  When I went and checked I see that the ID number is again different to the last one I wrote down.  So now I have to phone the ATO again before I can lodge our BAS.  Why does this keep happening?.


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    Hi Kerrie,

    Sounds a bit odd Kerrie, once the file has been opened it gets given a Software ID which doesn't change.

    Do you have multiple copies of the file? Any chance you may have opened a copy of the file that hasn't been opened in Hosted before?
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    Hi Rav,

    No we don't have multiple files or copies and I cannot work out why this is happening.  When I rang the ATO to provide the new number it did not match either of the other two ID's I had previously provided.  It seems every couple of months I have a problem uploading to the SBR.  I was lucky that this time I received the message that the ID did not match, so I didn't have to spend hours on the phone to Reckon and the ATO trying to work out the problem.  I don't want it to keep happening as it becomes anything but simplified!
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