Transaction Attachments Locking up Reckon Accounts Home and Business 2016

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I have been using Reckon Accounts Home & Business for years.  I have an apparent problem with Reckon Accounts when attaching, or looking at, Transaction Attachments.  It used to work fine, but has now developed this issue.  The first pdf attachment works fine.  If I try to add a second attachment to that transaction, or another transaction, it will freeze the system with an error code 7148.  When I run Reckon again, it won't display the attachment icon in the registry view, but the attachment is there if you try to attach something else.  It will lock up again.  If you do a single attachment it works fine with the attachment icon showing in the registry view.  This is very frustrating as I have to open and close Reckon Accounts for every attachment that I want to add to my records.  This problem happened with Reckon Accounts Home and Business 2013 in the past. The problem resolved for months after upgrading to Reckon Accounts Home and Business 2016, but has now recurred.  I wonder whether it is a registry change by updates to Adobe Acrobat DC?  Any help to resolve this issue would be greatly appreciated.


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