Accountant Changes Not Being Able To Be Imported

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Hi there,

I have been facing an issue of not being able to import the accountant changes into the existing Quickbook file.

The existing file is with Reckon Accounts Plus 2016 (with upgrade installation effective from 1 Oct 2016) and my Accountant is using either Reckon Accounts Premier AE 2016 or Reckon Accounts Enterprise 2016.

My Accountant has no issue to open my file and edit the QBX file. When I receive the QBY file from them, it does not seem to be able to be imported into my Reckon.

Could anyone explain this situation and advise any solution?

Thanks in advance.


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    Hi QBQuery,
    Welcome to the Reckon Community

    What sort of error are you receiving when you're attempting to import the QBY? ie. error messages etc.
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