How do I enter an Industry/Category to my shares?

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I'm using Personal Plus 2017.  In the Security Performance Comparison screen (which can be selected from the Investing tab under the Performance view) it shows a column for Industry.  I would like to allocate my shares to their different industries, but can't see anywhere to input them.  Can anyone help pleaseimage?


  • Michael SpiegelMichael Spiegel Member Posts: 1
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    I have the same issue

  • Andrew ChristieAndrew Christie Member Posts: 181
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    Dear Michael and 'Reckon User',

    It appears that this is NOT POSSIBLE for Reckon Accounts Australia, New Zealand and Asia Pacific Versions

    See Help Topic 'How do I compare the performance of my portfolio to industry benchmarks'.

    You can find this topic by using 'industry' as general search of the online User Manual/Guide.

    Also please check your Security's information (security detail view) - Industry is marked as 'N/A' - Not available.


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