How do I transfer my Accounts Personal Plus 2017 from a Vista to win 10 PC

jkpjkp Member Posts: 14
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I have just upgraded my second PC to Win 10 and now wish to transfer my Reckon Accounts Personal Plus 2017 from my old Vista PC, including all the historical data i.e. equity prices etc. I will then turn the old Vista PC off forever. I have the installation key etc and am ready to go.But I am not confident on how to do it all. Do I just back-up the old data, install on the Win 10 PC, restore the data from the back-up and all should be OK including the daily equity download?


  • LesLes Member Posts: 35
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    I updated from Quicken onto a new PC and Reckon personal and Yes what you said is correct other then I did not have any equity downloads.
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