item size and colour

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We purchase and supply clothing. As you know clothing comes in different sizes and colours in the same style.Take T shirts. Mens, Ladies and Kids basic cotton T shirt = 3 styles, each style has 7 sizes and each style has 15 colours. Purchase orders, invoices, estimates and Sales orders all allow the user to create a column for each size and colour by renaming 'other' in the customize template dialog. When it comes to recieving these items it would be great to be able to see these columns too. We always create a purchase order. The problems occur when we receive large orders with several items on back order. The suppliers invoice does not always list the items in the same sequence as I had on the PO. I have found that I have inadvertently receipted blue shirts when I actually received red ones and the blue ones are on back order. I would really apreciate you looking into this for future releases.
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