Find transaction that has been accidently altered

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In Reckon Personnel Plus 2017 is there any way to find/locate a transaction that has been accidentally altered.I was doing some tidying up and obviously altered an amount of a transaction and now one account is out by $1250 . Easy way is to do a contra entry but this will not fix the altered transaction


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    Assuming this is a transaction account, I would approach this problem by exporting all transactions for this account to a .csv or .prn file, by creating a report of all transactions in the account and then "print" to file as .csv, .prn or excel format.

    This can be imported into excel and then you can create a balance calculation to compare to the account records you have or use a variety of sorts or pivot tables to find where the $1250 may be in error.

    I actually export on an irregular interval, so I could compare to past reports.

    Alternatively, you could do a report from a backup, prior to your cleanup, and then look for differences in the .prn files. This would work for most types of accounts.

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    Thank Diver Dave and John for your input. I used bits out of the two replies. Exported the transaction report and used Bank statements to cross check the balances. After a few hours work eventually located the problem transaction and all is back to normal. Thanks again  Cheers Terry
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