Reckon Accounts Hosted 2016 Decommission

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This is the message posted by Reckon - At 4pm on Thursday 11 May 2017 (NZST) we will be removing the  Accounts Hosted 2016 (New Zealand) version.  
Why then, at 3pm on this date, when clicking on the link for 2016 Hosted, does 2017 Reckon Accounts Hosted open?  Isn't sticking to published timeframes important for customers planning their upgrades? A number of customers delay their upgrades as long as possible to get past the teething problems when new versions are first released.


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    I agree with you.  I think much more notice of the decommission would have been a good idea.  With multiple customers and having to upgrade the desktop version as well in order to sync with other software it does not allow any time to correct problems.
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    *******Warning ****Two serious problems in our NZ hosted Quickbooks payroll system.  

    1. -  'Payroll Kiwisaver miscalculation problem'
    2  - employee YTD numbers $  Taxable pay figures not  adding up 

    Cause ? Upgrade to RAH2017 ?.. no issue prior to RAH upgrade. : (.?

    Issue: -  a big problem, when we pay PAYE tax and Kiwisaver contribution to NZ taxation office.

    Reckon PSG support notified. waiting on fix.
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