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My credit card has noit been charged my monthly fee and I have been onto the control panel and updated it a couple of times since it was declined. I can now not login to my account and the account is expired. I can not contact anyone now until Monday and I have work to do on my accounts hosted file. Can someone charge the card on file and reactivate my account please ASAP. I am very concerned that I have lost my data as I have not backed it up for some time. Will it still be there?


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    Hi Matthew - that does sound inconvenient - but I wouldnt be worried about your data, I am sure it will still be there once the CC issues are sorted out.

    There is a weekend number to call tomorrow (see below)  - I know its charged - but I would think they may be able to sort this out quickly if you cant wait until Monday and it might be worth the cost?  Or maybe if you email the address below it may be resolved for you without charge?  Make sure you provide your Customer ID...  Good Luck!  Cheers Linda

    1902 223 101*

    Weekends 9:00am – 4:00PM

    * All calls cost $4.90 per minute (incl. GST). Higher rates apply to calls from mobile & payphone.

    Email: [email protected] 

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