How should I be processing multiple tendors e.g. Cash, eftpos, hicaps for split bills in reckon?

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Hi, I am using reckon accounts hosted in a healthcare setting where we accept multiple types of payments, this includes cash, eftpos and hicaps. Most of the time patients will use their Private healthcare to make a part payment (HICAPS) and will be left with a gap payment. This will require them to use either EFTPOS or cash. Can anyone offer advice on how this should be processed through reckon accounts hosted. HICAPS and EFTPOS transactions are settled and processed the next day separately into the bank account. I also have statements automatically downloading if this makes any difference.    


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    Hi Stuart.  From what I can glean, you are issuing an invoice for the gross cost and then this invoice is paid in multiple ways.  It should be a straight forward matter to record each payment received against the relevant invoice by receiving a payment for the customer account.  In your case you have at least one unique method of payment, but that should not prevent you from allocating each payment against the outstanding value of the original invoice.  Is there something stopping you from doing this?  It is not unheard of for people to make payments by more than one method with each one being recorded separately until the whole amount has been paid in full.  
    I am assuming that you are using a terminal to enter the claim/payment details for Eftpos and HiCaps.  These payments would be deposited within Reckon, to your Undeposited Funds account until you do a "Make Deposits" transaction at the end of the day for each type of transaction, which should then agree with the amounts deposited into your bank account the following day.
    John L G
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