Reckon Portal rollout & Reckon One outage - 24 May 2017



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    There are ' No Subscriptions' in the Shared Tab
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    Hi Rav, sorry for not getting back to you earlier, mine says active as well. I'm not a programmer but I used to be in IT a few years ago, as there are multiple issues with this portal rollout wouldn't it be a better idea to rollback to the previous portal or whatever we used to use to login and fix this portals issue offline. We all have businesses to run and currently we can't properly. The last thing you want is customer dissatisfaction so close to end of financial year when it is easier to change software. I like Reckon one a lot but this is starting to become quite painful.
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    Brad Monaghan - I've received confirmation that your book issue is resolved and access is available.

    Rachel - In regard to your issue.. unfortunately I can't see your user name from your screenshot but can I just ask if you are signing in with your s*****(space)c********* user name to access Reckon One? The team have looked into this and can see books available for access under the above user name.
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    Bris - we're working on your case. I apologise again for the delay and frustration.

    Keith - Can you please ensure you are logging in with your existing Reckon One user name and password rather than the newly created account made from your Google account credentials. All existing Reckon One users need to user their existing Reckon One user name and password as normal. The team have checked this and your book is available for access under your existing login. 
  • Brad MonaghanBrad Monaghan Member Posts: 12
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    Thanks for the update Rav,
    I have checked and it is working.
  • Emmanuel GaleaEmmanuel Galea Member Posts: 1
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    since i began using recon one i have had nothing but trouble, trying to email invoices was before the upgrade to new portal was frustrating to say the least, to assure my invoices were received i had to email them to my email account then email them myself which makes recon useless, but now since the new portal i cannot even send an invoice and a lot of the settings don't even respond, nice work there recon i am scared now that if they try to fix it again i won't even be able to sign in. please fix it pronto for i have no time to waste on something that was supposed to save me time. if i had to invoice my hours spent trying to get my invoices out i would be rich, oh wait thats right i can't send an invoice. not happy Jan.

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    Hello Rav, I am signing in with my user name however under the old format there was no space between the two words, have just logged in with a space and success!! 
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    Hi Rav and Team,

    Scanning through all the posts, I'm pretty sure you have got the message that this upgrade/roll-out has not gone well.  It's caused a lot of stress for users/customers.

    However, I think many of us would also like to acknowledge everything that you and your team are doing to make things right.  It's been a long weekend for you all I am sure, and a very stressful one.  

    Keep up the good 'solution-finding-work' and lets look forward to a rock-solid platform in the near future.


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    I can't do anything either, I can view every thing but cannot add or edit invoices, items etc.

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    Hi everyone,

    There are a couple that the teams are currently working on -
    • The inability to perform certain actions within a Reckon One book eg. add invoices, add bills, receive payments etc.
    • Receiving a "Application has encountered an unknown error" message when attempting to open a Reckon One book. This issue is not widespread and appears to be affecting a small number of users only.
    I'm going to close this particular thread as its got a tad messy and interspersed with some users whose issues are solved and others not.
    All further updates on issues specific to the Reckon Portal will be made here -
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