Session times out

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look away for 30 seconds and the gate way times you out


  • DrewDrew Member Posts: 10
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    I have a NBN 40/100Mbit connection. Using Safari and have the same issue. My connection is good according to reckon.
    I get the same thing, absolutely infuriating!

    I'm voting with my money and moving away from Reckon, leave alone the cut and past and printing stuff. Reckon software architecture is poor. Vote for the kind of world you want. I'm of to Xero.

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    Hi Drew,

    Have you had a chat with our support team so we can work with you to diagnose what could be causing these issues for you? I'd highly recommend it so a technician can take a look at it for you directly.

    Let me know and I can organise a call for you if required.

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    That is not supposed to happen
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    I called support a month ago about it. They said my file needed rebuilding. Did that and really no difference at all.
    So not worth hours on the phone with tech people creating un-billable hours, having them suggest I get another browser and further disrupt my workflow with new things and complications.

    Looking at Xero where they have quite good mobile apps as well.
    Also do not make me cut and paste in and out of a widget constantly adding another step and natural key sequences for me.

    If you can fix it maybe it may change my mind before the switch on 30th June?
  • DrewDrew Member Posts: 10
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    Your telling me, thanks for your helpful comment.
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