When will all the Reckon One problems be fixed

TonyTony Member Posts: 16
edited May 2017 in Reckon One
After the Reckon One update everything was fine for me, all my functions worked correctly, I didn't have any of the issues other members were complaining about, but now I am encountering a number of similar problems.
Only half of the dashboard has appeared, I can't add bills, I can't add invoices, I can receive payments for invoices and I see some of the banking features are missing. Also when you go to the settings page a lot of the features are missing from there also.
Lets hope these problems are fixed very soon, and we don't have similar problems this time next month, end of tax year and BAS period.
I've recently moved to ReckonOne from a QB stand alone desktop accounting software, I was informed that online was going to make life so much simpler and quicker, at the moment it is neither.

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