BCC an email on on forms when emailed - Not working

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We tried setting up all our forms to be BCC'd to our admin email so that the other office staff can see when the forms are sent etc, however when we save this as a preference in our settings it seems to create a glitch in Reckon. What happens is the below;

For example if we are emailing a purchase order to a Supplier;

Without admin email saved as BCC preference- the email box shows up with the correct To/ email address and we can hit send 

When we save the admin as a BCC preference- the email box shows up with our admin email in the To/ and Bcc/ sections, but wait the strangest thing is when it actually sends and shows up in the admin inbox it has gone to the correct email for our supplier and hasn't come to the admin email twice..... how weird is that 

The frustrating thing is part of our company policy is that when sending forms we have to triple check they are going to the correct email and with this not showing up correctly we cannot do this, there for we are unable to use this function of Reckon which we pay for.

We reported this issue in the past and it has not been solved, has anyone else been able to solve this problem or is Reckon working on it to be solved?

As a business we need to know as we pay for a product and it shouldn't have glitches like this considering how many companies use it.

Please help!!
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