Unable to edit GST for sales receipts

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Within Reckon there is a preference to allow one to edit the tax amount manually.  This works fine for debit transactions and journals.  When it comes to Sales Receipts, the tax amount is greyed out and is not able to be edited.
In my case the problem relates to Government Grants which for the net amounts, have to be acquitted to the cent.  However, there are times when, due to rounding, the GST calculates correctly on individual components, but the overall GST total throws out because of rounding and the overall payment received is based on totals only.  The alternative therefore are to either process a general journal, where tax amounts can be edited, or to split a transaction on a Sales Receipt into two or more components to "fool" the system.
I understand that Reckon One might have the function to manually edit GST.  Why does the preference editing section for tax in Hosted and Desktop versions, not allow for the editing of Sales Receipts?


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    You know in the original version 7 you could modify the gst manually. The tax regulations now stipulate that this is not allowed. Thanks for yoir question. Its a good one
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