Reckon Personal 2015 Reinstalled 2 times but still get error message when reinstalling backups. Err

Jeff Taylor
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Reckon Personal 2015. Reinstalled 2 times. Still getting error message when restoring backups. The only one can restore is up to 2015.


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    Maybe take a moment to check  this info at:
    and check the comments on page 8,  to make sure you are safely quarantining  your BACKUPS of early years/versions, and using the methods they speak of in this document, and not 'opening' differently formatted files with incorrect versions.

    Your topic here is unclear if you are ultimately trying to go to say 2016 or 2017,  and what older version you started with.  

    IE:  the picture shows you with a DLL error on a file which allegedly is already a 2015 file - is that right,   and if so, what versions of Personal Plus were you using at the time of that error message (I'm assuming something newer than 2015 ?).  

    Anyway, a little more clarity might help someone point you in the right direction,  but firstly ensure you've been heeding the advise on page 8.