Payment Summaries 16/17 will not email in accounts hosted

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    Are you sure? Have you tried emailing to yourself?
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    I have had this same issue. Would like to know if there is a solution....
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    Hi All  I have emailed 5 different company payment summaries, created the EmpDupe files and lodged in the ATO portal without any problem all using RAH.

    Firstly, if you have not created all the pays through Pay Employees, Payment Summaries will not work. Are you picking up 2016/2017 for the summaries. Have you checked Company Information that the contact details are filled in.

    For employees, in their record, have you marked Both. That is choosing to have Print as well as Email. It is always good to have Print as you can Print out a hard copy for filing and for the accountants information if needed. Also balance Payroll Totals with your Profit and Loss to make sure no pays have been paid through Write Cheques. If any have been paid through Write Cheques and not Pay Employees your Payment Summaries will not be correct.

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    Hi Shirley,

    Thanks for your checklist. I have followed each point without success. I have outlined below what I am seeing on my screen.

    On the Payment Summary menu I select All of my 24 employees. When I press OK to email, a task progress bar appears and says,"0/24 Sent".

    Next screen then shows a box and instructs, "Select forms to email". The form is blank!!

    I can print the summaries via the first screen (preview),however, my crew have their payslips emailed weekly and prefer this method of receipt.

    I have been a long time user of QB/Reckon and have never encountered this issue in previous years.
  • Shirley IngleShirley Ingle Accredited Partner Posts: 191
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    Hi Kristian  How annoying. Have you tried to email just 1 payment summary. If that fails, then I suggest phoning Tech support and they can look at your set up to see if something else is stopping  emailing of the Payment Summaries. If you are able to email the employee payslips then there should be no reason why the PS don't perform.
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    It will be most likely the old issue with a corruption in Reckon

    Follow instructions to correct


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