We have upgraded to 2017 Hosted but now it is telling us we need to update our other PC's. Do we hav

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We have upgraded to 2017 Reckon Hosted successfully but now when logging onto the other PC's it is telling us we still need to update. Do we have to complete this process on each PC? I don't remember doing this in previous years.


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    Hi there Kelly,

    I'm not really sure where this message would be coming from if you've already opted to go to Hosted 2017. Any chance you could post a screenshot of this message you're getting?
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    We upgraded on my PC after loads of issues with it crashing every time we attempted to go through the process. This morning the help desk walked me through taking a portable backup to make upgrading to 2017 quicker. Now I can work in 2017 but no one else can on any other PC.

    Basically when anyone else tries to open 2017 it won't let them in. See screenshots.

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    HI Kelly

    Is it possible that the staff are trying to open the file from the "No Company Open" window, which, on their browsers will still be directed to your V 2016 datafile??

    Also, is it possible when you restored the datafile you gave it a new name?

    Have your staff tried opening the file by going to :

    Open/Restore Datafile
    Open a company file
    Locate either New folder or newly named restored datafile
    and hopefully........voila........they'll be connecting to the same upgraded file as you

    Good luck

    Kelly Day
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