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Cannot upgrade Accounts Accounting to R2P


  • Melanie RhookMelanie Rhook Member Posts: 9
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    I have recently upgraded to Reckon Accounts Accounting 2017 (R2) however my Accountant is unable to open my Accountants copy as he is running version R2P.  I see there is a 2017 tax table upgrade that is available since I updated.  I have downloaded but it will not allow me to install the patch, comes up with a message that I need to be on version R1 to install. Not really sure how to proceed?
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    Has your accountant switched to 'Accounting" in his edition? You won't be able to install the patch to Accounting. It's only applicaple to Accounting Plus and above
  • Melanie RhookMelanie Rhook Member Posts: 9
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    He was using Premier, but thought he should still be able to access it as it was a lower version?

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    Mel are you using Accounting or Accounting Plus? There is no R2 for Accounting
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    Hello Melanie,

    Let me just review your position.  You are using RA Accounting 2017 R2 - that is, with the 2017 Tax Table Applied (press F2 and at the end of the Product line you see ....2017 Release R2).

    Your Accountant is using a version that ends in .....R2P.

    If your Accountant is using the latest version updated then he should be on Reckon Accounts Premier Accountants Edition 2017 R2P.  This version should have no problem opening the Accountant's Copy you sent.

    The issues that would explain the Accountant not being able to open your file:
    1. You are still on 2017 R1 of 2017.   You should cancel the Accountant's Copy, download and install the 2017 Tax Table Update from the Members site and create a new Accountant's Copy.
    2. Your Accountant's Copy is corrupt.  You should cancel the Accountant's Copy and create a new one.
    3. Your Accountant is trying to open your file as a normal company file and not as an Accountant's Copy.
    4. Your Accountant opened his 2016 R2P version and not the 2017 R2P version.  
    Hope this helps.


  • Sarah NorthSarah North Member Posts: 1
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    Hi.  I just got a new computer, installed reckon with the dvd and I'm trying to install the tax table upgrade as I can't restore the file on the new computer, as my old computer has the new tax table installed.......i keep getting a error - setup has found programs running.  please close all applications to run this set up.  But nothing is running.  All i have open is reckon which needs to be in order to install the upgrade.  Please help.

  • ZappyZappy Accredited Partner Posts: 4,428 ✭✭✭
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    Sure I can help. Call me Kevin t:0407744914.
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