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We have been back to 5 CLICK PRINTING FOR TOO LONG!!! after the short reprieve until things went pear shape for reckon hosted a few months ago. When is the 5 click printing process going to be rectified. When printing invoices (or anything for that matter) it takes forever and is a very poor use of my valuable time. Come on Reckon surely you must have discovered the reasons for the problems you were having, so lets get back to 2 click printing. Also the hassle of not being able to cut and paste directly into Reckon is equally a huge issue. Could you please give your customers an update on when this is all going to be fixed. :(


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    Gave up trying to ask about this but definitely agree it is especially embarrassing when you have a customer standing there waiting not only a waste of valuable time on both counts but looks extremely unprofessional   
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    Hi Gavin,

    As I've already mentioned on your other post, as we move past the AU end of financial year period, the Hosted team will be focusing on getting Reckon Accounts Hosted back to the new environment which the NZ edition was on for a brief period of time earlier this year.
    This new environment has a number of benefits including streamlined printing, copy/paste etc among others.

    No timeframes just yet as we're still very much in the thick of things with EOFY but rest assured its certainly something the team will be working toward.

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