Payroll Premier 2017/18 - Payroll Tax Scale Thresholds are Incorrect (VIC)

Tobias KTobias K Member Posts: 8
edited August 2017 in Payroll Premier
The Payroll Premier 2017/18 - List Payroll Tax scales are contain errors for the threshold for the current period for VIC (I've not checked other states).

This causes the Report [Taxation] -> [Payroll Tax Report] to provide an incorrect value on the Payroll Tax Payable Field.

How To Fix:

1. Go to the drop down menu [List] -> [Payroll Tax Scales]
2. Edit the tax scale relevant to your state.
3. Check that the Threshold matches the current threshold for your state.
             For example annual VIC Payroll tax Threshold is now 625,000 not 575,000.
4. Update both thresholds to the new value.

The report should now provide the correct value.

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