can not login reckon hosted

NiaNia Member Posts: 18
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Hi all,

I tried to login my reckon hosted account, but then the warning box appeared and said that "the attempt to log in with that user name failed. this user is already logged into the company file. If possible, try logging in using a different user name"
Seems like noone used that user name at the moment except me.
So is there any ways to log out that user name and log in?
pleasehelp. Thank you

Regards, Nia


  • John GibsonJohn Gibson Member Posts: 47
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    Go to your Control Panel (the black link below the 2016 and 2017 green links when logging in) and choose the 'Log out Remote Sessions' and then exit Reckon altogether, then go back in.....should reset and be able to get into your file then
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