How do I Self-Register Payroll Premier without calling customer service?

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Self-Registration of Reckon Payroll Premier.

I have just installed the new version of Payroll premier. It is now asking for the registration. How can I register the payroll premier?


Reckon Provides the free online registration of Payroll Premier which allows you to register your product anytime of the day and any day of the year, all you need is a PC and Internet.

Please follow the below easy to follow steps:

1)      Open your newly installed Payroll Premier and open a sample file or your company file. Or if you get a prompt to register, click on register now and go to step 4.

2)      Click on Activities menu on top menu bar

3)      Click on Register Payroll Premier

4)      Click on next on the message, and select ‘On the internet’ option

5)      image

6)      You will now see the unique Serial Number generated for your licence, take a note of that and click on Globe icon to launch internet browser.

7)      image

8)      This will now Launch the internet browser. Click on ‘Register a new product’

9)      Select your Version of Payroll Premier and click Register

10)   Fill Out the serial number from Step 6 above and rest of the details. Next.

11)   Fill out the details and follow the prompt. Next.

12)   You will now Receive the Registration Number. Take a note of this number.

13)   Go back to Payroll Premier -> Activities -> Register.

14)   Select the Option By Phone this time.

15)   Enter the details and Go next to enter the Registration Number you noted from step 12 above. Finish.

16)   image


Congratulations, you have now registered your Payroll Premier yourself.