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We ordered some parts from a supplier back in April, when we received them they were wrong so we sent back for a credit (as we had already paid for them) received the credit on 28.04.17. When I look up the supplier it is showing it has a credit. The supplier deposited the credit amount into our bank account yesterday. Can you please tell me how I record this?


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    From the Home Screen:
    Record Deposit - (I am assuming the refund went into your normal bank account)
    Received From - Enter the Supplier Name
    From Account - Enter Accounts Payable
    Optional to enter the payment method and / or chq number
    Amount - the value of the refund 

    Then to clear the credit from your accounts payable account

    Go to - Pay Bills
     Pick the supplier who has given you the refund
    Select both the credit and deposit created for this supplier (shown as positive and negative entries)Click OK

    This will then show the deposit in your bank rec and the credit in your supplier card will no longer be there (hope this makes sense)

    found this link might be helpful for you

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