I have missed the window to upgrade to the 2017 version. How do I resolve this?

LeeLee Member Posts: 69
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Between EOFY, BAS, the accountant needing to access files and 2 weeks of sickness I have tried to log in today to finally do the 2017 R2 upgrade process only to find 15th August was the cut off. How do I access the old files so I can do the proper printing of files, backups, etc before upgrading?

Obviously this is a big problem because I can't even log in. 

Many thanks, Lee 


  • John GibsonJohn Gibson Member Posts: 47
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    Quite simple......try opening using the 2017 link, you will see that you need to upgrade the file to 2017 version (you will need the Admin password to do this, you will also be required to do a back-up - to the B drive - during the process, and all should be good......)
  • LeeLee Member Posts: 69
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    Thanks John. I tried it and it worked - I'm in. I didn't get to print out reports so I could compare but I'm hoping with all fingers crossed that the upgrade worked successfully.
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