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When I run monthly pays reports, some of the employees tax or super totals are incorrect?  It is obviously not pulling the correct data for certain indiivuals. Doees anyone know why? Or what I can do to correct it.. It's very inconvenient for end of month  payments. Thanks.


  • Dianne Metcalfe
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    I've just discovered that I'm having a similar problem.  Printed Pays Report at the end of July, and it has changed since the upgrade.  It appears that the normal hours on the second line of some payslips are now not calculated, and as a result the PAYG and Super Contributions total have also changed.  Now in the process of checking every weekly pay!
  • Jay Jay
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    Hi Meiche,
    This issue sounds can related to data integrity issue with your data file, I would suggest consider run a file rebuild. to do a file rebuild go to File and select rebuild data file function. 
    I would also suggest run Rebuild once before every pay if possible and this help fixing and preventing data issues from developing.