List of changes to Reckon Accounts 2017?

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I have just upgraded from Reckon Accounts 2016 to 2017 and can't seem to find a list of changes/improvements for the new version.  Is there a summary of what's new available somewhere?


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    Did you look in the help section?
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    I did.  It doesn't have a table of contents though so I searched a few different terms with no luck.
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    Hi Andrew, 

    Below is a list of updates/enhancement made with in the 2017 software release. 

    Simpler BAS

    Theres a new option for Simpler Bas,  this option greys out fields G2, G3, G10 & G11 as Small Businesses no longer need to report on them. (only G1, 1A & 1B need to be reported)

    Further info:


    New PAYG Scales


    PAYG Scales have changed due to HELP & SFSS



    New Reportable Fringe Benefits (Tax Exempt) Tax Tracking Type


    Some Employers are Exempt from paying Fringe Benefits Tax (e.g. Hospitals, Ambulance Services, Health Charities)

    There is a new Tax Tracking Type for tracking FBT for these Employers (it works exactly the same as the existing FBT Tax Tracking Type but is reported to Payment Summaries and Empdupe differently.
    More Info:



    New Working Holiday Maker Tick Box


    Working Holiday Makers need to be identified on the Payment Summary & Empdupe, there is a new option within the Employee record to track this.
    Note: The user will continue to select 8-NoTaxC and manually enter the Flat Rate.

    More info:



    New Payment Summary Format


    As mentioned above, there is a new field called Gross Payment Type, this is used to identify Working Holiday Makers.

    For a WHM it will display H, all other users it will display S

    There is also a new field related to the FBT changes mentioned above.


    If an Employee has used both the existing FBT Tax Tracking Type and the new FBT Exempt one, they will receive two Payment Summaries and there will be two records in the Empdupe.
    The Second record will only include the FBT Exempt amount.


    This would only occur where an Employee who works in an Exempt Role (i.e. a Nurse) also works in a role that isn’t Exempt (i.e. Receptionist)


    New Empdupe Format


    The Empdupe format has been updated to Version 12.0.1 which has the WHM & FBT changes mentioned above.
    If an Employer doesn’t have any WHM’s and isn’t FBT Exempt, they can lodge the V11 Empdupe (from 2017 R1)
    If the employer is affected by either of those two changes they need to lodge V12.0.1 from 2017 R2



    GovConnect Payment Summaries (Hosted Only)


    GovConnect is also being updated due to the above changes and will be able to lodge the latest report – PS0004



    VIC Payroll Tax


    The Threshold for Victorian Payroll Tax has increased to $625,000

    Jay Jay 
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