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Michael Brown
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Hi All,

Current Product:Reckon Accounts Premier Edition 2017

I work for a managed services company utilising several different tools to manage our clients. 
I would like to incorporate reporting from our ticketing system, monitoring systems and Reckon Accounts Premier Edition 2017 to give a full picture of how much a customer relationship is costing\making us.
In the past I have used Microsoft PowerBI for this type of reporting, however is there a web service or other method of connecting to the Reckon data from a third party reporting tool? I would only need read only access as I do not want to push any data back into Reckon.

Thanks in Advance


  • Ifti
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    Hi Michael,

    Thank you for your post.

    Please have a look at our Market place to see if there are any apps that can help you out.

    If you want to develop a solution by yourself, please consider joining our Development partner program and we will provide you with SDK documentations.



  • Michael Brown
    Michael Brown Member Posts: 2
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    Thanks Ifti,
    I will join the developer network as you suggest.
  • Jordan Mogg
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    Hi Michael,

    How did you go with giving Microsoft Power BI access to your Reckon file? We are at the early days of looking into this, but we use Accounts Hosted.

  • Sarah D
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    Hi Jordan, I'm also needing to link Power BI to Reckon Accounts Hosted.
    Did you have any luck?  Or can you put me in contact with your developer?
  • Bronwyn
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    Hi Michael, Jordan, Sarah,

    Any luck with the PowerBI and Reckon Hosted connection?

  • Sarah D
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    No unfortunately Bronwyn.  This is so incredibly disheartening