Reckon Hosted - problem with leave acrruals

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Leave accrual report does not match the leave liability report and does not equal actual leave accrued (on only a few employees) and does not show correctly on the employee payslip.
Something strange happened during the first pay in July 2017. When I contact Reckon tech support they suggested we either don't show the leave accrued on the payslips (not an option for us) or to make the employees inactive & recreate all pays since the beginning of the financial year.
I do not feel that this is a good enough outcome.  There must be some other way of correcting this??


  • ShaneShane Reckon Staff Posts: 560
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    Hi Tamara,

    Unfortunately there is no way to correct it.  Its a corruption in the leave.  If restoring a backup from before the problem occurred is not an option, the work around for this is to make the current employee's having the issue inactive (rename them first adding _OLD to the end of the name), create a new employee card for them, enter a YTD adjustment for each employee's earnings, super, payg, additions, deductions, etc.  On the YTD adjustment in the "Accounts effected" area, set it to "do not affect accounts" to avoid doubling up amounts on your balance sheet and P&L reports, as the payments already made on the old employee card have already affected your accounts.  

    Then setup their leave details with the current leave balance and leave used.  

    Use the new employee record going forward.  The only time you would need to refer to the old employee card is if you need to print a payslip from that period.  When it comes time for Payment Summaries, just print it for the new employee card.  The YTD Adjustment will make sure the amounts include the period before you created the new employee card.

    This is the only work around for this issue as it can't be "fixed" unfortunately. 

  • Rachel WhitehouseRachel Whitehouse Member Posts: 16
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    Hi Shane
    I have the same problem. Their card shows one number, the reports are different again.
    By doing an entitlement report I can identify where the error has occurred.

    On this particular one it dropped 66.95 hours of personal leave on the 23/08/2017 (basically the system cleared the carry forward balance).

    Instead of setting up a new employee I have processed a pay, dated the 23/08/2017. I have cleared of all other payroll items and added a personal leave of negative 66.95 hours with $0.00 to pay. They system won't let you process a $0.00 pay so I added a standard payroll item and paid the employee .01c. This feeds through a clearing account on my system so it is easy enough to journal the cents out to rounding later.

    It may mean your employee card is a bit whacky on leave taken (although funnily enough it didn't affect mine) but I don't use that anyway as I always refer to the report when an employee asks me for their leave balance. It does save the bother of a new employee set up thought :)

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