Emailing invoices in multiple customised forms which results in crucial information missing on invoi

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Hi, I have a massive problem with sending out invoices which needs to be fixed as soon as possible.  I have a template that is landscape and another that is portrait.  Once I have sent an invoice (via email) in the landscape format, which is only a couple of customers who I use this for and it works perfectly but every invoice after that in any format does not look right.  I have worked out that it uses the landscape format but on a portrait customised form cutting off the bottom of the invoice where the, totals, GST and bank details etc are!  I have sent out around 200 invoices overnight with no totals etc and it's quite embarassing!  Not only that is that I have to go back and retick the "To email" boxes on each invoice which is very time consuming.  RECKON YOU REALLY NEED TO FIX THIS URGENTLY!!!!


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    Hello Lesa,

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    Sounds like the Printer Setup in Reckon Accounts is at odds with the Print Options on one of your templates.

    Go to: File > Printer Setup > Tax Invoices > Options > Printing shortcuts > Orientation - what is the setting here?

    Open your invoice templates and check the printing options there.  Go to:
    Open your invoice > Customise > Additional Customisation > Print.  Are the choices here consistent with the Printer Setup option to produce the outcome you require?

    To ensure that your emails are of the orientation you desire for that template regardless of the Printer Setup orientation selection, you should set the Template Print settings to Use specified print settings below for this Tax Invoice and then select the Orientation as either Portrait or Landscape as needed.  


    Hope this helps.

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