'Failed to open to server using gateway'.

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I try to log on to recon online but gets the message 'Failed to open to server using gateway'.  We have sold our business and therefore I was not working on the bookkeeping side of things for months.  Would like to finish for the year.

Can you please help me to open?



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    Morning Marianne,

    Very sorry to hear you're having trouble this morning, I've reported this to the wider team at the moment for them to take a look into but in the meantime, can you please try heading into the Hosted control panel and log off any active sessions located under the 'Log off Remote Sessions' area and then log out (use the log out option in the top right corner)

    Once you've done that, close your browser and try again.

    Let me know how you get on
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    having the same problem and whatever has been mentioned to help does not get me in. Sometimes i think we just need the old CD. Have trouble with hosted atleast once a week. Now this gateway thing. It is slowing down my buisness
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