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Each time I go to log into reckon hosted I need to reset the password.  I get in no problems after this, but If I try to log in the next day It doesn't recognise my password and I need to reset it again.  Please help


  • NigelNigel Member Posts: 4
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    Do you use a password manager because if that is the case then you may need to update the password in the password manager as when you go to log in to Reckon Hosted everytime old remembered passwords may be picked up if you have not deleted then out of the password manager
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    Just adding to Nigel's reply above, what sort of error message are you presented with when you encounter this issue?

    Have you had a chat with our Hosted support team in regard to the repetitive nature of this issue as yet?
  • Jim SmithJim Smith Member Posts: 18
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    Hi I dont have a password manager.
    When you say our hosted support team, i thought this was it ?

    This is the last msg I have posted
    Hi Rav, I am having a lot of trouble with all this.  Forget my last question for the moment, I cant even get bank feeds at the moment. 
    The main problem I have now is.  Everytime I try to import bank data.  It says that It does not recognise baka data password or login.  So I go to bank data, separate screen and try to log into bank data.  It doesn't allow me to on the most recent password they have supplied me.  So I have to reset password again.  Then I use this to log into my bank data.  Then I go back to reckon hosted and reset the password in banking preferences.  Then when I ask to download transactions, it works a bit further in the process, gets to the download number of transaction parts, but says no transactions available.  But I know by looking at my bank, there is transactions.  It has been 4 days now since I last tried to get to this same point.  If I sign out now and logon tomorrw I will have to do the reset bank data password all over again.  You don't understanding how frustrating this all is.  I should be able to get bank feeds, and just move them into boxes etc.  I have probably spent 8 hours to date trying to set up live bank feeds.  I have managed to get on feed done to date.  I'm close to leaving accounts hosted, can you please help me....

    I have a westpac account and bankdata is using a yodlee address number

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