Leave liability in payslip / create paysroll screen is not correct

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I have found that one employees payslip is not showing the correct annual leave liability. One pay it was 341 hours then the next payslip it jumped down to 216 hours for no reason, no leave was even taken in this pay.

This means that the leave balance in the employees create payroll screen and on their payslip is different to the balance in the employees card and on the leave liability report.

I tried fixing it by adding a negative amount to annual leave on the payslip where the balance jumped down but this also adjusted the balance on their card so it ends up correct on their payslip but incorrect on the leave liability report and in the employees card.
I have attached a copy of the two payslips that shows how the balance changed.

Has anyone experienced this before or does anyone have any ideas on what to do?

I have already verified and rebuilt the file in case there was a glitch but there is no change.


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    I have seen this happen to a clients file before - its a corruption in the employee record that occurs if an existing pay is edited - its kind of random, very frustrating and sometimes can only be fixed by creating a new employee... before doing that - try deleting all the pays back to where the problem started - then reenter them, checking that the figures are right as you go through - do lots of printouts of payslips, reports before deleting the pays so you have all you need to reenter them... I believe that Tech Support are aware of it, but haven't been able to pinpoint what exactly causes it and how best to fix it...
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