MIGRATION: What are Lists, Balances and Transactions

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 A data migration can include the following supported data types:


·         the Chart of Accounts List (asset, liability, equity, income, expense, etc)

·         the Customer Contact List

·         the Supplier Contact List

·         the Items List (products and services only, does not include inventory or quantities)

·         the Employee List (name and addresses only, does not include the payroll template setup)

Only those active records from the supported List types will be included.

In some situations, it may be necessary to make active, list records that are currently inactive. 



 ·        Account Summary Balances

·         Customer Summary Balances

·         Supplier Summary Balances

 ·        Employee detailed payroll template setup and Employee payroll YTD balances 

Account balances, Customer outstanding balances, Supplier outstanding balances are entered as summary journal transactions

These are the values shown in the Trial Balance Report, Customer Balance Summary report, Supplier Balance Summary report

For summary journal transactions it includes only the Customer/Supplier/Employee name or Account, the closing date, and the amount


Balances are entered as summary journals only, as at a specific date, the last transaction date or the last BAS period (just let us know which you prefer).


Outstanding Transactions are record types that include open invoices and unpaid bills

Payroll Transaction are record types that include Paycheques, Payroll Liability Adjustments

Posting Transaction are record types that include transactions such as Bills, Cheques, Deposits, Invoices, General Journals, Sales Receipts, Transfers, Invoice Payments, Bill Payments

Non-posting Transaction are record types that include transactions such as Estimates, Sales Orders, Purchase Orders, Time Sheets

Closed Transactions are record types that include Posting transaction types only



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