Exchange disconnection and autocomplete list cleared by sending invoice with Reckon Accounts Premier

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Having an obscure issue recently where one of our managed service clients is having a problem when generating and sending an invoice from Reckon Accounts Premier Accountant Edition 2016 or 2017 (I believe they’ve got some sort of Reckon Accounts Hosted setup, they’re really good with maintaining this software themselves). This results in Exchange disconnecting from their locally hosted Exchange 2016 server when using Outlook 2016, and the Autocomplete List in Outlook is cleared on Outlook 2016 on both the workstation (Windows 10 Pro build 1703) and the terminal server (Windows Server 2012 R2 Standard).


When the problem was demonstrated to me, they created a basic invoice to email from Reckon Accounts Premier – Accountant Edition 2016 on the terminal server, and then emailed the invoice through Outlook 2016 on the Terminal server. Outlook wasn’t open at the time, so the send email box popped up by itself and they were able to send just fine. This however, caused exchange on the workstation to disconnect immediately. On this demonstration, it reconnected straight away, but the user has stated that there has been issues with it not reconnecting at all, or intermittently. The Autocomplete list on the workstation was also cleared at this time.


Any help with resolving this matter would be greatly appreciated. Any further information required with regards to the installation setup can be gathered. I'm not very familiar with this software, so I wasn't sure what information to gather.

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