DELETE a rubbish test/trial book, or any book I choose - DATA RETENTION?

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I have started using Reckon One as a trial and put a stack of rubbish in there. I have subscribed as a new book, but the old rubbish trial book is there with the same company data and i can't see how to delete it. I could only deactivate it, but its still there. I want to delete the rubbish. 

I spoke with an off shore tech support person who is certain I can not delete a book. He went and looked into it, and 4 days later came back by email saying " you not delete a book".  This seems wrong.  it is just plain messy. 

He advised i could not because of Data Retention policies. 

Where do we stand... If we use this product can we clean up our accounts - or are we trapped with trial rubbish in our interface as long as we use it?? 

Its just plain messy to have 2 books titles similarly and not be able to remove one. Its particularly messy on a mobile device. 

thanks for any advise on deleting. 


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    Hi there David,

    Currently you cannot delete deactivated books from the Reckon Portal page however there will be filters available in a future Reckon One update which will allow you to remove deactivated books from view. No ETA just yet but its something we know that can be improved. 

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    Deleting rubbish would be better so we don't accidentally start using the wrong book when in the field one day.  A filter is a workaround, but viable if we don't make the mistake of not having the filter activated somehow and end up in the wrong one again.. . Surely I am not the only one that wants this in the past XXX years?   

    thanks for the response thought Rav. 
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    I would also like to delete a Reckon One book which was set up by accident and would like it removed from my profile - has there been any further progress on this improvement?
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    Yes, even an ETA would be nice - its so messy having dud books in the way all the time. 
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