Is there another problem with hosted at the moment? Most things aren't responding.

LouiseLouise Member Posts: 23
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  • PennyPenny Accredited Partner Posts: 37
    edited December 2017
    Working OK for me.  I have been using it since 5.00 am this morning and it hasn't missed a beat.
  • RavRav Administrator Posts: 9,813 Administrator
    edited December 2017
    Hi there Louise,
    Are you unable to login or perform functions while already in the file?

    Can you please try exiting the file through File > Exit and then end the active session through the Hosted control panel & logout.

    Close your browser and then try again after a couple of minutes, does the problem continue after this?
  • LouiseLouise Member Posts: 23
    edited December 2017
    Was working OK, then ALMOST everything became unresponsive, inc I couldn't log out normally.  So I shut the session down, went through ctrl panel to log off all sessions, restarted and now everything seems fine.  thank you.
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