Reckon unrecoverable error 14538 69662 when I try to save a change to a transaction

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I have a number of payroll transactions from 1 July until present that need to be updated with the correct job code. I had completed about half of the changes successfully but now whenever I try to save a change an unrecoverable error pops up with number 14538 69662 and Reckon closes.

Restoring a backup is not an option for us as we have a large and busy file that is updated everyday. I have also performed a verify and rebuild which made no change to this error occurring. Can someone please help as to why this occurring and what I can do to fix it. Thankyou



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    this article might explain the symptom - worth a look.  IE:  see if the error occurs only on a particuular ITEM, ACCOUNT, EMPLOYEE or say, when a particular code is used.   If by chance there is a corruption in the QBW (company file),  then it would be useful to know what RECORD (ie, account, item, employee etc)  that is affected.

    Also,  check the Windows Control Panel -->  Administrative tools -->  Event Viewer -->  and look at both the SYSTEM logs and the APPLICATION logs to see if there is a report being logged by the Windows SYSTEM about the occurance of your error.

    The other possibility is,  that the file is GROWING LARGER as you are entering more records, and the next transaction is hitting a bad block on the disk.   

    One way to test for the latter,  is to try a Reckon BACKUP ot a Portable Company FIle (backup),   and then restore that back to a play-around TEST folder area.  IE:  Don't restore over your real file.  In fact put yet another emergency COPY of your live QBW file safely to one side in a specially dated/named folder so you have a fallback position to any of these ideas.  But the point I'm suggesting here,  is to see if you can position a PLAY-AROUND restored 'test copy of your file somewhere else,  and tackle the adding of the troublesome tnew transactions on it, as a test.  Move the problem to help identify where the problem is.

    The fact that a rebuild/verify has processed fully,  to me, indicates that the QBW file is capable of being read from one end to the other with no issue.

    The other thing that would be helpful to know,  is what exact version/year/name of product you are running.   IE:  Is it Enterprise, or Premier?   Do a CTL+1  (both CTL and the '1" keys at the sane time)  to see the fully name and year/version of your product.    AIf you are NOT running Enterprise,  then check that you haven't exceeded the number of 15000 'names' for instance too.

    Report your findings back here to let others help you more, once we all know the exact system you are running.

    Seem that something is GROWING and hitting a wall somewhere.  Try, on a TEST file  to skip the troublesome transaction/payroll record,  just for the sake of testing/eliiminating issues, and try a totally different employee that is using known common payroll item codes to see if they can be added.  IE:  Try to determine which aspect of the troublesome transaction is tripping up the error message.  What is different?  What is bigger, What is New?  Otherwise,  check your SYSTEM environment to see why the SYSTEM is not letting you accomodate a larger/expanded QBW file.....  ie:  it could be a system environment uissue too. 

    But a little more about your versions and your operating system,  would help people throw some better light on your situation.

    Check the 6-ways to get better help,  outlined at:   and if the matter is in any way related to your system environment,  there are some clues on that matter there as well.


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    Hi Gary, Thank you so much for your detailed reply. We are using Reckon Accounts Premier 2017 R2. It seems that whenever I try to change the job code (name) in a payroll transaction it then comes up with this error and it closes. It seems to occur on any payroll transaction I try to change the job code(name) on now which is funny seeing I was able to do plenty of other changes before this started happening. As it is a multi user file I will need to wait until the other staff finish for the day before I can take a back up of the file and have a play around on it. The file size is 582682K. Is that considered a large file? Last time we were having issues with it being slow I looked into whether we need to archive data but Reckon said it was not a big file. It has only been up and running since 1 July 2014 as we used to be on MYOB. Thanks again, Rosie

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    The quicker you can copy and test the file somewhere, the beter off you'll be, in knowing what is at stake here.   Even if you can SUSPEND others using the system for 5 minutes,  and COPY the live  QBW file to another TEST FOLDER calling the copy say,  TEST_RECKON_PAYROLL_ERROR.qbw   so it has a really obvious test name.   Then return other staff to normal use.  But check if there are any other errors going on here.

    As you are running PREMIER,  yo can then privately start a sideline session to open the TEST....file and try doing a QBM  mobile backup, and restoring it - always using that special TEST>..file  anme.  You can do that independent and to one side of everyone else,  and start doing some detective work on what is at stake with the troublesome transactions.

    582MB  is a reasonable size (twice the size of mine for instance.  With Premier you have unlimited transactions,  but there is a 15000 limit on overall NAMES,  seen with CTL+1.  I'd be interested in knowing that statistic.      I've seen files bigger than 1300MB for instance,  checking one of my larger customers today.

    If other staff are merrily adding lots of transactions as we speak, it seems unlikely to be a file size issue.

    You are only getting the error when you want to change the job code (name).   Let me be sure of what you're explaining.  I take it you are trying to re-allocate the time an employee is spending,  from one customer:JOB  to another customer:JOB.    And when you pick the 'other' job,  it crashes. 

    Does the error happen when you are the ONLY user of the file?   Why I ask, is when many users are playing with the same company file, like two people trying to add a BILL to the system,  then one will be temporarily locked out.  Same applies to two people adding an invoice to a customer.   I wonder if the customer:JOB you are trying to change over to,  is in active uses by someone else,  and there is some record-locking issue occurring by the Reckon Database Manager in the background ----  or something like that.   

    Try to VARY the operation you are doing,  especially trying it standalone.  Get the other staff to take a coffee break for a moment and test it.


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    Thanks Gary. I have asked them if they can all hop out soon and I will make a copy of the file then. There are 4935 names in the file so if I have a limit of 15,000 then it should be ok I assume. Yes, I am trying to allocate the employee hours to the correct job code which shows as the "name" in the reports. We only set up the job code system in July so quite a lot of the July ones are incorrect. Once I get a copy of the file I will be able to see if it still happens in single user mode.
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    Gary and Rosie,
    I have the same problem, also with Reckon Accounts Premier 2017 R2.
    I had to uninstall and reinstall yesterday and I was upgraded from 2016 to 2017 for some reason.
    I started entering transactions OK but eventually, every ten minutes, when I entered a bank payment I would get the message to shut down with report code 1453869662 until I could not enter a transaction at all.
    I tried verifying my data file but that is OK.
    My file is only 50MB.
    It really got stuck with one particular transaction so I gave up and looked at it again this morning and I have entered a few more bank transactions before going back to the troublesome one and all is well. I hope I don't have this problem again. It is so unpredictable.
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    Be sure the QBW (main company data file)  is in good condition.

    1.  use the Reckon  file -->  backup  (tick VERIFY)   to make a  QBB file
          make a backup BEFORE PLAYING WITH THE NEXT STEPS.
          Always make a BACKUP with a different DAT-names QBB file name,
          stored on external, removable disks that are stored offsite for disaster recovery reason.

    2.  then consider a file -->  utilities -->   REBUILD  to ensure the file index/data are aligned

    3.  Check any findings in Windows EVENT LOGS (Applications)
         as well as any other Windows SYSTEM event logs, in case there are disk write errors for instance.

    4.  Check the Reckon   Backup LOGs  

    5.  Check the content of the QBwin.LOG file to se any messages relating to the TME and TRANSACTION that was giving you trouble.   Refer:


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