Need Help(Perform Api Action)

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Hello Reckon Team,

Need Help(Perform Api Action):-

I created an account with "Reckon Accounts Hosted" and "Reckon API". I need help to perfom some actions:-
1. Create a product in Reckon so that I can update, delete or add that product or product's information/details via API provided by Reckon
2. I need SDK so that I can perform those action on my local machine
3. Anything else or document (if have) would be appreciated.

Basically, following is the scenario:-
a.) My client having a Reckon account and configured software on his store (sales/purchase of items)
b.) My client having a website and all the products which are available in store are also available on Website

Client's Requirements:-
a.) If, someone buys a product from the store then it should automatically delete from the website. Like if there 10 chocolates and someone buys 4 out of 10 then that number should be deleted from website as well. Then website will also remains 6 chocolates in it's database.
b.) Same thing vice-versa as well. If, someone buys 4 chocolates from website then the Database of Reckon should also be updated and in store there should be 6 chocolates left. Something like syncronization between Reckon Database and Website Database.

Thanks and Regards

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