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Reckon 2010/11 Problem with database and reporting

Steve WestonSteve Weston Member Posts: 1
edited January 2018 in Point of Sale (Desktop)

Thanks in advance for any advice/solutions from the community here.

Background - we are running two POS terminals in our business linked to QB, and I understand that the Reckon software is a tad "old" being the 2010/11 version but it has worked seamlessly until last week !

Problem : when we opened on Sunday morning the POS terminals were showing a message that they were unable to find the database. Checking on the computer in the back office (which hosts Reckon and QB) it came up with the same message but offered to look for the file on the computer. I hit OK (not thinking for a minute that it would work) and it quickly found the database and the 2 front of house terminals started working and had the same menu options and prices as before. So all good...

At the end of the day I noticed 2 problems which persist through to today:

1) when I go to post the transactions to QB, it says there are none to post

2) if I change a price on QB and/or add a new item to be transferred to Reckon, they do not pull through when I click the transfer option.

So I guess this is all linked and whilst we have a system that is working for customers we have lost the reporting facility and can no longer change the process/products.

Hopefully a fix/similar problems from someone out there???


  • Chris McGregorChris McGregor Member Posts: 140
    edited January 2018
    Hey, Sounds to me like when you reconnected the database you may have inadvertently connected the admin and terminals to different databases. The most common mistake is that on both the fron and back machine the user points to c:\reckon\qbpos.pdb Thinking that well the path is the same so its the same but the problem is that both pc’s have their own independent ‘c’ drive much like different suburbs have the same street name. Unfortunately its been a while simce using that version but i beleive what you would need to do is open the regostry ‘regedit’ and seatch for “qbpos.pdb” Do this on the fron and back machines and check what the value on the left says. Wonce you have found your issue you will need to do anlittle bit of trickyness unfortunately as youve got in a bit of a sticky situation. Firstly your going to have to point admin to the database the front machine is using and perform your post to get the transactions youve done over the last few days. Once its all settled then point back to the original database. And perform your syncs and so fourth to confirm its all talking. As a hint i have always considered it best practice to have the database on the feont machine just in case of network failure sonyou can still continue selling. Chris
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